Hello Readers!

Building Beyond Debate is the title of this story. As an exchange student from New York I will be exploring topics relating to the development of East Asia. As the region seems to surpass the United States, my aim is the explore the cultural elements that allow such rapid growth to occur. This information I hope can be part of a dialogue of how individuals and governments throughout the world can work together towards continued improvement.

A significant portion of my writing discuss the activity of Debate. I have been a member for the Hobart and William Smith Colleges Debate Team for three years and during my trip this activity will help me to understand the topics I wish to explore. Hopefully this also serves as a familiar environment for me to make new friends. Most events are in the World Universities Debating Championships style since both Hobart and William Smith Colleges (my college) along with Underwood College Yonsei University in Seoul (where I was be an exchange student) use this style. Here are the rules of this style of debate.

Funding: Hobart and William Smith Colleges has offered me a Student Initiative Travel Fund Grant, to help cover part of the expenses of my project, which includes writing this blog and presenting to the campus community. The program is for study abroad students at the Colleges and is not made in connection with financial aid or scholarships awarded to students.

By: Aboubacar Okeke – Diagne

Hobart College

Please Contact me if you have any questions about my experience or suggestions for what I should write about.



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