Vice President Joe Biden’s Korea Speech, Preparing the Campus Gym


Yonsei University is getting ready to play host for the U.S. Vice President as he will be delivering a speech on campus Friday. After being pushed aside from importance this Fall thus far, the Obama administration is trying to refocus its efforts in terms of solidifying influence in the region. It is attempting to both contain and benefit from China’s growth and perhaps an effort will be made to increase cooperation between Korea and Japan. According to Image his speech at Yonsei will be a major one with the focus on the U.S. Korea relationship. Details are harder to come by because the media is fixated on China’s Air Defense Zone. I am not expecting anything critical and new to be said, so I think the best odds of this speech being heavily noted in the media is if Joe Biden does something silly, as he sometimes does. However anytime somebody at his level visits campus it is great opportunity, fun afternoon, and feels historic.

Besides an e-mail and word of mouth, I only saw one poster about the event. Registration closed today so that there will be time to security screen those attending. While I have only talked to a handful of people who plan to go, I imagine an event like this will be well attended.
Update (December 6): The event had more requests than tickets as some people I spoke to were rejected.



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