Stars Rock Style Icon Awards 2013


Celebrity Overload one of my new friends described the night as we were clearly the lucky ones attending the Style Icon Awards in Seoul. I did not know what to expect at first since personally do not know that much of the Korean language or about the K-Pop scene and even less about fashion, however when Mentors Club, for exchange students, sent out the e-mail I thought it would simply a way to get out of the dorm for a few hours, however it proved to be so much more than that.

After we met up at Digital Media City subway station a nice mini shuttle bus brought us to the venue, where it was time to wait. I bit cold outside, but when I stepped away from the group I was able to see the red carpet area where the stars were slowly making  there way to event, however it was tough to see without fighting for a spot. The real fun began when we were allowed inside a small studio which was packed standing room only with probobly about 2,000 people. Once the show began it was a lot of fun. Although most of the speeches were in Korean there were plenty of performances and more than a handful of songs that I have heard listing to K-pop on Youtube and going out in the city. Pictured above are Crayon Pop. The second woman is holding the award with her right hand while the others have glow sticks in both both hands.  Somewhat of surprise was the appearance of ASAP Rocky, who won the Global Icon Award. In the end G-Dragon won the Style Icon of the Year Award.


With fashion being very important in Korea and celebrities who are willing to try almost anything out of the ordinary it should not have been a surprise that an awards show honoring style would be such a star filled and fun event for all. A great evening to remember and connect with the international image of Korean entertainment.



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