Preparing for Model Asia Union

What are the unifying elements of Asia? This is a very daunting question my partner and I realized while trying to prepare for this event. Unlike Europe, there is no common religion or race and comparisons to more complex Africa did not seem to be helpful either because that Continent has had the shared experience of colonization to unify around. However after much discussion we realized that the region is very diverse and huger to be rising star in the global perspective seems to be a common thread.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the preliminary round of the Model Asia Union Competition, in which teams of university students, 2 per, are charged with addressing the topic: Discuss how we can realize Asian Union. The first step after finding a team member, in my case a fellow Underwood Union member, was to write a short paper containing a proposal. This took hours as it was hard to agree on the reasons Asia Union should be realized and how to go about it without upsetting the individual states. Meeting in the school library, coffee shops and a computer gaming room, we finally got the job done.

After about a week of waiting, we received word that our proposal paper had been accepted it was time, despite midterms to prepare for our presentation, which required the use of a presentation program, thus we chose to use Prezi. Each team will be given 10 minutes to present and afterwords there will be some time for Q&A. After all the teams present  we will have dinner and those advancing to finals will be announced to be held next weekend. On November 1st Friday we are all invited to the Asian Economic Community Forum with the finals held that Saturday, both at the  Hyatt Regency in Incheon. Tomorrow rounds will be at Incheon National University.

In case anybody actually cares to read this, I will keep our proposal ideas a secret for now. Follow me today on Twitter for updates. @buildbynddebate

More event Information:




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