Midterms End Discovery Rebegins

The lull time several weeks after arrival and the midterm period is over. I have several exciting events over the next few weeks which should prove to be both fun and informative about Korea and the wider East Asian Community.

Tomorrow Saturday October 26: Model Asia Union,  Incheon National University

At the MAU conference, me and a fellow member of Underwood Union Debate, will present ideas on how an Asia Union could be achieved. This event is the preliminary round of a competition based on this subject matter.

Thursday, October 31: Halloween, Yonsei University and Vera, Hongdae, Seoul

Halloween is gaining popularity in Korea and our school is supporting two events.  

Next Weekend Friday, November 1 and Saturday November 2: MAU Finals, Hyatt Regency, Incheon

For advancing teams the finals will take place on Saturday after the Asia Economic Community Forum on Friday.

November 8 and November 9: Hyundai Company Tour

Mentors Club, for exchange students is having Hyundai Company weekend tour.

November 14 thru 18: NorthEast Asia Open Debate Tournament, SolBridge International School of Business, Daejeon

I am preparing to adjudicate at the tournament as Underwood Union is sending several teams and judges



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